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by Bruce Caswell

A life of solitude was all that Jonah wanted. Taking a job as an assistant lighthouse keeper seemed the answer to his prayers, manning a station deep in the wilderness of Lake Superior’s north shore. But he arrives to find the once desolate harbor dominated by Stony Point Resort - the most exclusive whisky-soaked social hotspot west of Chicago!


Loathing the resort’s extravagance, Jonah spends his time at the nearby fishing village where he falls in love with a young widow named Mae. As the resort owner hatches his plan for driving these fishermen from their homes, Jonah finds himself in the middle of the fight to control the harbor.


Stygg Havn captures the excitement of Lake Superior’s north shore during prohibition, where incredible wealth from years of lumbering, shipping, and mining intersects with enterprising bootleggers, and all the crimes that come along with their shady business practices.

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